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Denis Hawkins

I am a photographer from Canberra Australia. My interest in photography started with my first SLR camera back in 1989, I have since gathered a large collection of photography.

My passion is wildlife & sport photography. I love avian photography, which I shoot regularly around Canberra and other places in Australia.

My passion is football & wildlife photography. My favourite football team to shoot is my W-league football team Canberra United, of which I am a proud member. The skills on show in the W-league are exceptional, with an ever-growing talent pool to help build our Matildas international Squad. The most important part of football is that our youth are enjoying the game and building a bright future. I also take images for oil painting and drawing artwork.

Contact me on my social networks, email & websites.  

Email me: denishawkins.photography@gmail.com

My Artwork: www.denishawkins.art

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